The New BAHA Logo

When you join BAHA you will sent the BAHA 'Proud to be Members' Logo.

Please feel free to use the BAHA logo for the following purposes, we do ask that you do not make any changes to the new format.

  • Website
  • Company stationary
  • Advertisements or marketing literature
  • Business premises
  • Marketing uses such as painted vehicles, exhibition stands etc.
  • Business cards
  • Comparable ways to show you are members of BAHA.

Usage of logo

Logos are electronically sent to members

BAHA logo signifies a quality mark attached to our Association

Look out for trade members with the logo on show – they have joined and paid fees to support the hospitality industry.

Please do not use the logo in such a way that it will bring discredit to the Association.

The logo is very important to us – we reserve the right to prohibit the use of our logo if the usage is not in accordance with acceptable standards or if the member is not a current BAHA member or the membership payment is overdue.

As the yearly invoice is paid an up to date logo window/door/car sticker will be sent to each member – please remove the old sticker or logo on delivery of the new one.

If you would like a logo in a form not available at this time or have any questions regarding the use of the logo please email Executive Officer Mandy Payne – there may be a small charge for adding changes.


A new Patron logo has been built – please contact Mandy to get usage details


Download Logo

Only registered users can download the logo.

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