The Bournemouth Accommodation and Hotel Association like to keep its members up to date with news and events in town.

This is a great way to be kept up to date with current affairs and words from our BAHA Chairman Andy Woodland who sits on the Bournemouth Tourism Management Board.

 Weekly Update 29/04/13

"Well it's certainly been a busy few weeks with BAHA having good coverage in the local media from talking about how the hotels are performing to congratulating Bournemouth on their fantastic promotion to the new sign on the A338 (This in particular was driven by BAHA last year) I was also on Hope FM as guest to promote what BAHA does and stands for in the town.
One memorable highlight was presenting  a 
 £500 cheque to this year's chosen charity which is Julia's House.
BAHA membership goes from strength to strength with teh Association representing 1000's of bed spaces in the town. I am sure you would all agree its way to early to talk about christmas (!) but we have been working with both Bids to ensure it is even better than last year, at time of writing I am unable to disclose what will be going ahead but please be assured it will be a significant improvement on last year.In The coming weeks BAHA will be ensuring the Coastal Bid's budget for 201/4 ensures leisure business is built on from the glow and blooming beautiful campaigns and also growing the business tourist to the town through new initiatives, it is paramount if you are a Bid levy payer that you do give your feedback and ideas to BAHA by the 9th May so they can be considered. BAHA will also be lobbying the council and police on the late night levy to ensure it is top of the agenda and not implemented. I have a meeting scheduled with Mark Smith on 9th May so again any feedback for me to discuss with him would appreciated. I look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks."

Paul Clarke

BAHA will be holding an Open Forum at the end of May ( date to be announced this week) where all you questions will be answered on Early Morning Alcohol Restriction Orders and Late Night Levies.  If these are adopted by Bournemouth Council it will affect hotels as the levy will apply to the whole Council’s licensing area as it relates to premises authorized to sell alcohol at hours between midnight and 6 am (or hours within this period as adopted by the local Council) and is intended to finance costs of policing and other arrangements for reduction or prevention of crime and disorder. Read More


Thu 23rd May
Event picture
Magic - A Kind Of Queen 
Sun 26th May Kabaret Ani Mru-Mru 
Sun 23rd Jun
Event picture
Roy Orbison And Friends With Barry Steele:
Barry Steele + Boogie Williams as Jerry Lee Lewis + Peter Jackson  

Pop-up Art Gallery to open this week 

The Town Centre BID has collaborated with students from the Arts University Bournemouth to turn an empty town centre unit into a free-to-enter pop up art gallery this spring. The new attraction will be filled with interesting and challenging pieces of artwork from the students and the exhibitions will change each week. Housed on two floors in the former Blacks shop on Gervis Road and to be known as the Drop Project it is being run by the Student Union and is all about showing off – for free – some of the fantastic work created by the students and attracting more and different people into the town centre, rather than to rival retail and leisure destinations.  Everyone is welcome to drop in, and the artistic treasures on display will range from traditional two-dimensional works such as paintings and photographs, to film, theatre and more experimental conceptual pieces. The gallery will be open six days a week and the creators of each piece of work will be on hand to present the artwork to the public. The gallery will be open six days a week from Friday 26th April for around three months.

It can pay to have business rates independently assessed, saysGoadsby 

Goadsby has issued advice amid the Government’s annual rise in business rates tax on commercial properties. Liam Small, of Goadsby, said: “Business rates are a significant overhead for most organisations and it can pay to have these independently assessed by a commercial property surveyor.

Bournemouth Mini Guide
Do you have your copies of the Bournemouth Mini Guide?
You can request copies by contacting
You can download a version here.
If you would like a pdf version to show on your website contact the marketing team.

Talks and Tours  The Russell-Cotes offers themed tours every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday which focus on the historic house and the world-class art collections. On the 10th of each month there is a ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour with a curator. Unfortunately due to the nature of the historic building, this tour is not suitable for people with mobility issues.

Tickets cost £12, pre-booking essential. Read more

Bournemouth Marathon Festival
Make sure you support the first Bournemouth Marathon Festival, which will be taking place over the 5thand 6th October bringing thousands of visitors to the town.  All running abilities are welcome with six different races to choose from including the popular half marathon, 10k, 5k, and junior races. Read More 

EUROPE’S first National Coastal Tourism Academy has been introduced to Bournemouth’s tourism and academic chiefs. The academy plans to launch a number of initiatives for the town’s tourism trade, with the aim of generating new jobs and boosting the town’s appeal. The NCTA plans to give the town’s tourism businesses access to on-line and face-to-face training to boost their business growth. A Coastal Activity Park at Boscombe will also be developed, based around the failed surf reef.The academy will work as a partnership between Bournemouth Borough Council, Bournemouth University and the area’s tourism trade through the Bournemouth TourismManagement Board. Read More on our website under news

 Due to difficulty in confirming a time, the tour of the Forensic Science training rooms will no longer take place on Wednesday 1st May but I am trying to arrange another date with the University.


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Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival

21st June until 30th June 2013
Here is your chance to get involved! The theme for the food and drink festival is local food. Why not put on a special dinner for your guests during this time using local food from one of the Farmers exhibiting?Put on a special room rate on the Food and Drink website for free. Put a voucher on the site for them to come back to you at a special rate during the Air Festival or Arts by the Sea Festival? To learn more about what you can do to help fill your rooms during the festival  or to host a food or drink event please email
This festival is an annual event to be held on the last 2 weekends in June every year.

Please note the AGM and Spring Party has changed its date to Sunday 17th March

Due to people not able to make it due to Mother's Day commitments the Spring Party and AGM is now 17th March. Book your tickets for what promises to be a fun event with a jazz band, New Orleans inspired menu and more!

Thank you to all those who have renewed or joined BAHA this year.
Welcome to new members Park Central and Quantum Recruitment
This week BAHA will be sending in our views as accommodation providers to the Alcohol Strategy Consultation. We have also asked the Council to review its coach parking facilities notably the CCTV in Queen's Road. This information can be found on If you feel there is a topic or subject BAHA should be involved in please email

This month's money saving tip

This months tip from 1 of our Trade  Auditel is a leading, specialist cost and purchase management consultancy

Most hotels have Half Hourly meters to measure the electric used.  These meters feed back consumption to the suppliers every half an hour of the day, you can request this information from the supplier to analyse your consumption in much more depth which can be a useful tool when trying to minimise your energy consumption.  There is an additional charge for these types of meters which is referred to as Available Capacity. This ensures you have a set amount of energy available in the grid to supply your business.  Energy suppliers will typically set the Available Capacity figure much higher than your actual requirements, costing your business more than required each month.  This cost can be reduced mid-contract if required.

Are you a small businesses who might benefit from cycle parking?
If so - then there is a scheme called 'Take a stand' under which you can obtain cycle parking FREE of charge.
Cycling charity Life Cycle have been given some funding under the LSTF project to be able to offer stands to organisations who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. The deal is we supply, the applicant installs, and the stands must not go on the public highway. Up to 5 Sheffield stands are available per application. (Sheffield stands are the 'n' shaped hoops you see in most town centres.)
Interested organisations can apply via our website via a very simple application process.

The MPLC, ( Motion Picture License)
One of our members has asked about this license as they have received a bill for £130.
The Q&A below are from the MPLC website. 

  1. We own the DVD, so do we still need a licence to view or show it in public?
  2. Yes. The location requires a licence regardless of who owns the audiovisual work. While you may own the actual DVD, you are only granted the right to view it in your home, not to perform it in public.
  1. We don’t charge admission. Do we still need a licence?
  2. Yes. A licence is required regardless of whether an admission fee is charged. However, the Umbrella Licence covers only those situations where admission is not charged.
  1. We’re a non-profit organisation. Do we still need a licence?
  2. Yes. Under the law, it doesn’t matter if you’re a non-profit or for-profit organisation. You are required to have a public performance licence to show motion pictures and other audiovisual works.
  1. How much does the Umbrella Licence cost?
  2. In most cases, the MPLC has set licence fees based on the type and size of facility. However, if the facility and/or use falls outside of these categories, the fee will be based on the nature and size of the audience and anticipated frequency of showings.
  1. We show films on our closed-circuit system. Do we need a licence?
  2. Yes. Exhibition of works via closed-circuit transmissions are considered public performances.
  1. We’re not open to the general public. Do we still need a licence?
  2. Yes. Even if the guests are limited to members-only, any location outside of the home is considered public for copyright purposes and requires a licence.
  1. We rent out our facility to other groups. Can we be liable for copyright infringement?
  2. Yes. The facility owner can be held vicariously liable or considered as a "contributory infringers".

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the MPLC at +44 (0)1323 649 647 or send us an email to



 January Newsletter

 Chairman's wordsWell 2012 has come to an end with many wonderful moments in Bournemouth. The Royal Wedding celebrations , The Queens Jubilee with the party on the Beach, the Olympic Torch Procession , the Olympics themselves and the Air Festival all of which went off extremely well. Some were better for the hoteliers than others but we must ensure that the legacy of these nationwide events carries on in to 2013 and beyond. One of the ways that BAHA feel this can be done is by a reduction in VAT on Tourist Accommodation, which is starting to gain momentum across the UK and we have put our backing behind it.2012 also brought some very wet periods so we have to hope the weather is kinder to the South Coast in 2013. Staycations are here to stay for the next few years and Bournemouth must ensure we are ready to welcome the visitors to the town and give them some great memories to keep them coming back.  On this note planning permission has finally been granted for a welcome sign by Blackwater Junction after fighting for many years, maybe something can be done about smell next!!,but we won’t hold our breath.

I do hope everyone had the Christmas and New Year that they wanted and wish you a prosperous New Year.
Andy Woodland BAHA chairman

 Dates for your diaries

AGM and Spring Dinner Dance Sunday 10th March 2013 at The Riviera Hotel Alum Chine. This year we have a New Orleans theme. Tickets are £30 per person. Book a table of 10 and get 1 place free.
The Riviera Hotel are also offering a special rate of Bed and Breakfast for £25 per person.
Don't forget for all the latest news and information

Employers in the South West are being urged by HM Revenue and Customs to get ready for major PAYE changes that come into effect in three months’ time. In April 2013 employers will have to start sending PAYE returns electronically, using RTI-enabled payroll software, to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) each time they pay their employees as part of routine payroll processes. The returns will include details of all employees’ pay, tax and deductions. This new process will replace sending a separate return at the end of the year.

To be ready employers should follow these three easy steps:

1. Visit HMRC’s website  for comprehensive information about RTI, including how to prepare, payroll software options and hints and tips to help avoid some common pitfalls.

2.  Acquire new or updated payroll software – employers will need to talk to their payroll software provider or their payroll service-provider (if they have one) about this.

3. Start checking and updating employee information. It’s vital that the information employers have about their employees is accurate and up to date.

In 2011, The British Hospitality Association merged its campaign for a reduced rate of VAT with that of Bourne Leisure Group and Merlin Entertainments Group. Members of the merged campaign include British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and attractions, the Federation of Small Business and the Tourism Alliance. The campaign is led by BHA. Graham Wason, a former Deloitte hospitality and tourism consulting partner who has been involved in the campaign since 1993, is the chairman.The campaign argues that jobs will be created if the UK government were to apply a reduced rate of VAT to tourism services, as do most other EU countries.

VAT: Two stage strategy The BHA campaign has adopted a two-stage lobbying approach:

  • Stage 1: A reduced rate of VAT for visitor accommodation and attractions
  • Stage 2: A reduced rate of VAT for out-of-home meals

The BHA is committed to achieving a reduced rate of VAT on all sectors of UK tourism and hospitality. However, this staged approach recognises the fact that in the present economic climate the cost to the Treasury of applying a reduced VAT on out-of-home meals is likely to be politically unacceptable, notwithstanding the greater potential for the creation of jobs. In addition we will be undertaking further research and surveys and we are eager for members to take part and input their views.Your support for the campaign – and that of others – will be a significant factor in achieving our objectives, to the benefit of the entire industry.

We urge you to register your support by e-mail us at

Once you have registered we will keep you in touch with developments and update you regularly.  We will also let you know when the next Briefing Session is being held. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to registering your support.

 Information on BAHA website

You may have noticed that invoices for your membership have come via email This year we have reduced the membership price as we have made savings from our administration costs. We however have not stopped working hard on your behalf both locally and nationally.
If you are interested in joining BAHA as a committee member do join us on 9th January at 1.30 at Ramada Encore on Bath Road and see what BAHA does.

Don't forget that information can be found on including Minutes from BAHA meetings, BTMB and Coastal BID meetings.


 December  Newsletter

Round up of news
I hope you have all seen the Town Centre BID Television advert (click on link on the picture.) It is both professional and visually very appealing. The people behind the BIDs are to be congratulated in trying to bring visitors to Bournemouth.  Please let BAHA know if you find your guests have been tempted to Bournemouth through the Glow and Christmas campaigns
There are a number of Christmas events happening in the town along with the Christmas Market and information can be found on .
A couple of weeks ago BAHA met with Chief Executive Tony Williams and Bill Cotton and we expressed our concerns that the Late Night Levy might also be applied to hotels and BID payers. The Council has yet to decide if it wishes to apply the levy but BAHA feels that it may affect the future of the  BIDS which bring in far more money beneficial to Bournemouth.and 70% of the Late Night Levy would got to Dorset Police and not necessarily spent in Bournemouth. With overheads going up and room rates so competitive this is not the time for more money to be squeezed from our industry. Please let your councillors know that we do not want the levy and hotels should be exempt.
We held a BAHA member's Open Forum with question and answers from Council Leader John Beesley, Des Simmons from the Coastal BID and Bournemouth Tourism. Members highlighted concerns over planning where it was felt more could be done to allow unsustainable businesses gain change of use. We acknowledge some hotels should not become residential developments but we have too many places (often run down) masquerading as hotels when in fact they are long term lets. When the economy improves and with all the planning permissions already given for new hotels, we will be even more saturated with rooms and it will be imperative that Bournemouth attracts back the large and the political conferences that appear to have gone to our competitors.You will have been sent our recommendations for the new Supplementary Planning Document otherwise please check our website.
Suzy Wheeler whom I am sure most of you know has joined BAHA to help stimulate membership and promote trade benefits. It is hoped she will bring on board an agent who is looking for hotel accommodation in Bournemouth which will be exclusive for BAHA members.
Finally we wish you all a busy Christmas and prosperous New Year. Andy Woodland (Chairman) and the BAHA Committee.

 Dates for your diaries

Houses of Parliament free guided Tour 7th January 11.05am There are 6 places still available.
AGM and Spring Dinner Dance Sunday 10th March 2013 at The Riviera Hotel Alum Chine. This year we have a New Orleans theme. Tickets are £30 per person. Book a table of 10 and get 1 place free.
The Riviera Hotel are also offering a special rate of Bed and Breakfast for £25 per person.
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Water Garden Hotel

 Congratulations to all BAHA Winners

Bournemouth in Bloom





2012 Tourism Awards

People's choice Hotel Miramar

Large Hotel Norfolk Royale

Highly Commended Hotel Miramar & Menzies Hotels Bournemouth

Self Catering, Camping and Caravanning Establishment of the Year Highly Commended Bournecoast Holiday Agents

Tourism Marketing Initiative of the Year The Whitehall Hotel and The Arlington Hotel Highly Commended BH Live & Norfolk Royale Hotel

Outstanding Customer Service of the Year Highly Commended Discover Dorset Tours & The Balincourt Guest Accommodation

Coca Cola Truck comes to Bournemouth 20th December

Coca Cola lorry 1

For all the information on Christmas in Bournemouth please look under news
You can also catch up on the Town Centre and Coastal Bids under Resources.


October Newsletter

 Chairman's words October 2012
With the evenings drawing in it seems to been a mixed few months for most of us in Bournemouth, with the wettest summer on record. It has highlighted that we do need a wet weather attraction and given the number of sites that are available in the town it would be good to see plans submitted reflecting this.
The Jubilee, Olympic Torch Relay and Air Festival saw the seafront full of very happy people. The number of day visitors were fantastic but now the Air Festival is established we must ensure that we get this year’s day trippers to come and stay next year.
Praise must be given to the parks department to have got the lower gardens in such great shape after the damage that the winds and rain caused, regular and one off visitors gave so many glowing comments it can only be positive for future years.The BIDS are in place and the money is starting to be spent, the Autumn Glow campaign will have a high profile within the town and I am sure that the hoteliers will benefit from the advertising planned in London.
I was privileged to be invited to the Silver Anniversary Party at the Marsham Court ( I can’t get used to calling it Days Hotel.) Jennie and Hugh and now Rosie and Zoe are a real dynasty with Bournemouth hospitality running through them, we are lucky in town that many of our hotels are still family businesses and these really professional  people make a great hotel experience and their guests return year after year.
Andy Woodland chairman of BAHA

 Events for BAHA members

Thursday 18th October there is a private tour of the RNLI in Poole at 2.30. There are a few places still available.
Wednesday 7th November Open Forum for members. Our key speakers are Council leader John Beesley, Mark Smith and Des Simmons. This is an opportunity to learn about what is happening in Bournemouth, to ask questions and meet other hoteliers and trade members.Starts at 2.30 at Menzies East Cliff Court Hotel.
Wenesday 14th November 10am-3pm The Sustainable Business Exhibition at AFC Bournemouth
Tourism Awards 22nd November at 02 Boscombe dealine for entries is 18th October
Monday 7th January 2013 Tour of the Houses of Parliament at 11.05. Numbers are limited so please contact Jackie at if you would like to join the free tour.

What BAHA does for you and your business

BAHA sits on the Bournemouth Tourism Management Board which was established to act as a voice for local tourism.
We meet regularly with Bournemouth Tourism and have two committee members on the marketing group.
BAHA are well represented at the Coastal Bid meetings and have input into where your BIDs levy is being spent.
We are fortunate to have a BAHA committee member who is a lawyer specialising in Licensing. There are National changes being discusssed that could affect your liquor license including the Late Night Levy and Early Morning Restriction Order and we will keep you informed.
We are to meet shortly with Council Officers with regard to BAHA's input into the Supplementary Planning Guidance. This is a document of great importance to many BAHA members.
You are welcome at the Open Forums where you can listen to key speakers, ask questions about the local and national hospitality business and network with other accommodation providers.
We are liasing with Bournemouth & Poole College to offer you the chance of staff training courses and use of their free staff agency ( Reed).
BAHA have a good selection of Trade members who often offer special deals and rates for you.
Local news and new legislation is available on our
However most of all we are the Main Lobbying Voicefor the Accommodation Industry in Bournemouth. We welcome comments on local and national issues that affect you and your business. The Association is for you and your business.

Silver Anniversay Days Hotel (Marsham Court)

Sunday 30th September saw Jennie, Hugh, Rosie and Zoe celebrate 25 years at days Hotel ( Marsham Court.) 220 guests were treated to a Bucks Fizz reception and delicious dinner followed by a cabaret from Magnum Duo and Jennie's son Jamie singing her favourite song Moon River. Not to be left out Jennie, her sister Denise and mum Catherine sang and encouraged everyone to join in with an old song from their childhood.
25 years at the same hotel is a real achievment and the new refurbishments show how the family have kept up with a challenging market and changing Bournemouth. In 1987 there was no internet bookings, no trip advisor and the Imax hadn't been built never mind being demolished. Jennie and family can feel very proud and we wish them well for the future.
Photo by James Deavin

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