£1m for new signs to make Bournemouth more tourist-friendly

£1m for new signs to make Bournemouth more tourist-friendly

ALMOST £1million will be spent on new signage in Bournemouth to make the town more visitor-friendly.

Traders and councillors claim the move is well overdue and will help the town compete with rival tourist resorts.

A collection of 154 on-street pedestrian and cycle signs will be installed along main routes, linking the station, the Triangle, the Square, seafront, Pier Approach and the Gardens.

Plans also include a digitally produced town centre master map, smart phone applications and website downloads.

The scheme will be rolled out within the next two years. The total cost will be £967,000 but £180,000 of this will come from businesses via the coastal and town centre BIDs.

Cabinet member Cllr Lawrence Williams, pictured, said the project would “sharpen the resort’s competitive edge”. It is supported by the Bournemouth Tourism Management Board, Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Bournemouth Accommodation and Hotel Association and town centre and coastal BIDS, who together represent 1,300 businesses.

Cllr Anne Filer said: “The need for this is really apparent. People were interviewed in Westover Road and asked how they would get to the beach and they had no idea. We need to keep ourselves at the forefront of destinations in this country and to do that people need to feel comfortable, they don’t want to feel disadvantaged by not knowing how to get from Bournemouth to Boscombe.”

And Cllr Michael Filer said: “This has been going on for over 30 years. The trade is desperate and they’ve shown how important it is by the fact that they are contributing to the cost of it. There is a saying ‘Put your money where your mouth is’ – that has clearly happened here.”
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