Bournemouth – as you’ve never seen it before

Bournemouth - as you've never seen it before

Bournemouth Echo

The Dorset coast from space

Bournemouth - as you've never seen it before. Last month, he also posted a daytime picture of the Dorset coast, this time looking from land towards the sea.

The Dorset coast from space


Ever wondered what Bournemouth looks like from space? Thanks to an astronaut on board the International Space Station you need wonder no longer.

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield posted this picture, showing the coast from west of Southampton to east of Weymouth, on his Twitter page.

It clearly shows the recognisable Bournemouth and Poole coastline and Poole Bay, with the conurbation, Sandbanks peninsula and Swanage lit up.

The astronaut, who is living on board the space station and working as a flight engineer, posted it asking people for confirmation that it was the Bournemouth area he had photographed.


Cmdr Hadfield's son, Evan, told the Daily Echo: “The photos themselves are taken in the cupola of the Space Station in Chris' off-time.”

Cmdr Hadfield is in line to be commander of the next expedition on the ISS.

Find Cmdr Hadfield on Twitter on @Cmdr_Hadfield.

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