Bournemouth Glow Campaign

Bringing you new opportunities this autumn
This autumn the Coastal BID is launching its first promotional campaign aimed at bringing you
new business opportunities during October and November.
This includes:
• Eye-catching adverts at Waterloo station
• Targeted adverts in south/south-east England
• A pro-active Facebook campaign
• Two e-shots, each to 50,000 people already known to be interested in Bournemouth
• New “Glow” pages on the main Bournemouth website (
• Interestingly different PR
• Linking the promotion of getting people to Bournemouth with local offers while they are
staying in the area
• A free entry on the “Glow” special offer page on the website during
the campaign (1 October to 30 November 2012)
The BID is funding all of the above, and in addition is partnering with BTMG/Bournemouth
Tourism who will create additional activities throughout this period, so you get even more for
your BID levy.
Target audience
As set out in the Business Plan the emphasis is on bringing people to the town off-season.
This autumn the target audiences are:
• Younger couples from the London/M25 area looking to get away for the weekend
• Families with children under school age
• Older couples keen to get to the coast to walk, explore, eat and drink
All of these are likely to live within a drive time of around two hours.
The promotional activities are aimed at getting more people to stay longer in Bournemouth this
Duration of the campaign
1 October to 30 November 2012
So, how can you get involved and “Get Glowing” this autumn?
a) Make an offer
We all love to think we are getting a “deal”. What you offer is up to you. It might be:
• Added value – including something extra
• A discount if people stay longer (what’s your average length of stay at this time of year?
Why not offer a deal for people who stay an extra night)
• When do you need business most – midweek or weekend?
• What about a short break, with a special dinner offer one night, or a glass of wine, or
afternoon tea on arrival?
When you’re thinking about the offer, what do you think will appeal to the target audiences
listed above? b) Get your offer listed on the ”Glow” section of the website
IF you make a special offer available for most of the “Glow” campaign period (ie 1 October to
30 November 2012), you can be featured on the site with a photo, 20 word description, postal
address and link to your own website plus details of your offer
c) Promote the offer and the “Glow” campaign in your own marketing
We are working with P’s in a Pod to produce a style guide and helpful hints as to how you can
use the logos etc that have been developed in your own publicity material. This will be
available shortly on the BID website:

The Autumn ”Glow” Campaign has been organised by the BID and will run from 1 Oct to 30 Nov this year, looking to provide you with new business opportunities during this period.

There will be new “Glow” pages on the website highlighting the special offers available here in Bournemouth this autumn.

We will be promoting these through direct advertising, social media, e-news shots and PR.

So how can you, as accommodation providers, get involved?

There is no cost to you for listing your offers on the website, all the advertising costs are covered by your BID levy (oh and by the way, you do need to have paid this in order top take part in the campaign!!)

Even if you are not currently listed on the website, through the BID, your entry and special offer will be visible to enquirers for these two months.

Please complete and return your form and photo to Lou McGregor from P’s in a Pod as soon as possible so we can get the website populated with lots of attractive offers before the media campaign goes live.

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