BTMB’s letter to Navitus Bay Development

7 January 2013

Sophie Moeng

Senior Stakeholder Engagement Officer

Navitus Bay Development Ltd

Units 3 & 4 Athena Court

Tachbrook Park


CV34 6RT


Dear Ms Moeng




We are writing on behalf of the Bournemouth Tourism management Board and the Poole Tourism Management Board with regards to the above development. We have had sight of the project Director’s (Mike Unsworth) most recent letter to Bournemouth Borough Council and are extremely disappointed that yet again this fails to address the main issue.  This concerns the lack of adequate detailed information on the comprehensive visitor survey that is necessary to understand the likely economic impact of theNavitusBay proposal.  This requirement was first identified by Bournemouth in November 2011 and in every subsequent meeting between Eneco/EDF and the local tourism trade, we have repeatedly asked for  full advance details of the research proposals and information on the suggested methodology for these vital tourism impact surveys that must examine all the market segments and seasons of the year.


Whilst we welcome the latest visitor research framework, we feel this needs greater detail on exactly how it is intended that the proposals will be delivered, including such items as; what weighting will be given to businesses on the coast compared with inland, what sample size, what actual questions will be asked etc.  It is unprofessional that more than one year later we still have not seen these detailed elements of the research proposals.  The shallow summary presented by the Peter Brett/Roger Tym document does not give sufficient information to permit a serious evaluation by the tourism professionals working for our Joint Management Board.


We are also surprised that the 2012 Summer visitor research went ahead without any of the tourism industry consultation previously promised.  It is even more surprising that this should have been scheduled without any agreement of the visual references that have only just been produced.  For both these reasons, the validity of this work is highly questionable and we would be interested to know when you intend to share the details of the research.  Again we would want to see the objectives, methodology and findings.  We would reserve judgement on whether this visitor survey needs to be repeated to provide sufficiently robust data to link with the other surveys.


We must also point out that it is not correct to state that the Tourism Business Survey has been agreed with the tourism offices (as indicated in the research framework document).  The tourism Offices and various trade bodies have commented on improvements that are needed but we would like to see the amended questionnaire and we would like to see the latest proposals for sampling, data collection and reporting.


We have now received the latest visualisations forwarded by yourself and assume that these take into account the revised positioning and size announced in December.  We were expecting some additional sight line points.  Are there more to be forwarded?  There was also an indication from the project director that the visuals would be in 3D format - is this still planned?


Regarding the invitation to form a new Tourism Liaison Group, we were under the impression that Eneco/EDF understood that the tourism industry in the area would not wish to invest more time in attending meetings unless clear agendas could be sent out well in advance, together with full papers and documentation on the subjects to be discussed.  We feel that this message is not being heard or acknowledged by Eneco/EDF.  Furthermore, we would ask your company to desist from making any verbal or written statements implying that you are in productive dialogue with the local tourism industry in our areas as this is not yet the case.  In spite of our frustration with the lack of useful information from your company, we remain very keen to work with you to arrive at an accurate assessment of the potential tourism impact.  Please understand that this co operation will only happen if Eneco/EDF respects its obligations to provide the full information necessary for proper consultation.


In an e-mail sent to Mike Unsworth on 8 October 2012, by Bournemouth’s Director of Tourism, Mark Smith, it was repeated that the tourism industry of Bournemouth and Poole was keen to meet with the project team but asked that full details of the papers that should inform the discussions be given at least 20 days in advance. The proposed dates for the suggested Tourism Liaison Group do fall with in this 20 day notice period but as said above we feel that the information we have been sent (Research Framework Document) does not give enough detailed information to make the meeting worthwhile. The reason for requesting papers to be distributed 20 days in advance is to ensure adequate amount of time for consultation and preparation with our respective trade sectors.


It therefore seems unlikely that the suggested January dates for meeting with the tourism industry in the form of a Tourism Liaison Group, will allow sufficient time to discuss the full detailed research proposals as they have not yet been circulated by Eneco/EDF.  The forwarded framework is  just what it says – a framework, and as we have explained above, does not give the required level of detail to make a meeting worthwhile.   Would you be able to provide this comprehensive detail for all the tourism research studies (including the one already completed) within the next week so we can consider the two dates offered even though this would give us only half of the normal time required?  The alternative that we would prefer is for you let us know when you can supply the information and then we would be able to set a meeting date allowing 20 days for preparation.


Yours sincerely


Mike Francis MBE                                                    Dr Bruce Grant-Braham

Policy Adviser                                                             Chairman

Bournemouth Tourism Management Board               Poole Tourism Management Board

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