CHANGES to a major leisure complex planned for Bournemouth have “watered-down” the design

CHANGES to a major leisure complex planned for Bournemouth have “watered-down” the design, a councillor has claimed.

Developers for the Nautilus scheme due to be built next to the Pavilion Theatre have made a number of amendments to their original design.

These will be considered by the town’s planning committee on Monday but one leading councillor has already voiced fears the multi-million-pound cinema and restaurant scheme could lose its impact.

Central Cllr David Smith said: “I’m disappointed in the watering-down of the original proposals. It doesn’t have the same vibrant look it did before.”

The Nautilus scheme consists of a building on six levels, with basement car parking, cinema, restaurants, shops and a landscaped roof area.

The report going to planners said changes include increasing the restaurant floorspace at second, third and roof level, which will give the tower at the southern end of the building a noticeably greater mass.

The tower will also have a more simplified appearance and the original coiled shape will be replaced with concentric floor levels tapering upwards.

At roof level, where the space was occupied previously by an open public viewing gallery, an additional restaurant is to be provided, with viewing terraces.

In a statement, Osborne (Bournemouth) Ltd said: “We have worked hard with planners to put the finishing touches to the consented scheme to meet changing market needs and design considerations.

“The proposed amendments do not alter the position, scale or height of the building.

“Pavilion Gardens is an organic-shaped building in a landscaped setting. The cinema boxes and car park are below the surface and the upper parts of the new build are set away from the Pavilion, so that new and old buildings can be appreciated on their own merits.

“Extensive terracing and landscaping make for a pedestrian friendly environment with sea views. Nearly 100 years after the Pavilion was built, Bournemouth’s leisure quarter is being updated and restored to meet the demands of a new century.

“This will be a place where everyone can enjoy a day/night out in an attractive setting.”

Bournemouth Echo

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