Coastal BID update

Since the launch of the coastal BID’s first marketing campaign at the beginning of October, the momentum has been growing as consumers and businesses get linked in.the Autumn Glow marketing campaign seeks not only to attract more staying visitors on short breaks and encourage them to explore the coastal strip, but is also designed to get local residents into Boscombe, Southbourne and
Westbourne. the campaign runs from 1 October through to 30 November.The campaign uses two key images, moving from a couple on the beach enjoying the autumn sun in October to autumn leaves in November. these images will appear in different places around Waterloo Station over the two months, together with weekend adverts in national newspapers targeted at attracting staying visitors to Bournemouth.

At its official launch at the Bournemouth International Centre on 12 September, the coastal BID announced it would be the lead sponsor for the family Adventure weekend 2013. Now taking place over the weekend 31 May to 2 June this is a brand new event for Bournemouth. Aimed at people interested in a wide range of outdoor pursuits it is based at the BIC, with activities on the seafront, plus a series of ‘fringe’events in the coastal trading districts.

In addition to direct advertising, 50,000 people who have previously expressed an interest in Bournemouth will be receiving e newsletters  Adverts are being placed on TripAdvisor through our partnership with Bournemouth Tourism and other major websites. there is also an active Facebook campaign, which saw over 500 people “like” the Glow in just 24 encourage local people to visit Southbourne, Westbourne and Boscombe, the BID has taken two huge hoardings on roads coming in to Bournemouth, plus bus backs on both Yellow buses and Wilts & Dorset.

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