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Background and update on Coastal BID Autumn Glow campaign
This is the first application of the two year “Colour Your Life” theme jointly agreed between the Coastal BID and Bournemouth Tourism/BTMG.
Campaign period: 1 October to 30 November 2012
Target markets:
• Older couples able to travel mid-week
• Younger “commuter” couples without children
• Families with children under school-age
• People in the south/south-east within a 2½ hour drive time
• Local residents
Promotional activity outside of Bournemouth
Adverts are running at Waterloo Station and in selected nationals during this period aimed at bringing more people to Bournemouth by driving people to a “Glow” landing page on the website where they will find a variety of hotel offers.
There is also an active Facebook campaign, Google Ads and TripAdvisorAds (funded via
Tourism), two e-newsletters to 50,000 consumers on the tourism database, plus PR
To run a fully integrated campaign which:
· Attracts more staying visitors to Bournemouth hotels this autumn
· Encourages these people to visit and spend money in Westbourne, Boscombe and Southbourne
· Encourages residents to visit and spend money across the Coastal BID area
Once attracted to Bournemouth, the idea then is to encourage visitors to get out and about to visit Boscombe, Soutbourne and Westbourne.
Offers from Coastal BID businesses across the area can be promoted both on the website (if they are significant and run for the period of the campaign) and/or via their own premises, by means of the glow “leaf”.
By having the leaf in the window, businesses can encourage people who are passing to step into their premises. Offers made via the window leaf can be varied as often as businesses want, with the smaller (point of sale) leaves drawing customers’ attention once inside thepremises.
The BID is supplying a variety of display material, free of charge, to BID businesses including:
· large leaves (for the windows),
· smaller (point of sale) leaves to go on display racks etc,
· “leaf” handbills
· orange bunting.
Businesses are also being encouraged to use the “Glow concept” in their own marketing, as demonstrated below by the Miramar Hotel and Fab Frocks.
The Coastal BID sent information to all BID businesses for which it has a valid email address back in September about this campaign. Our marketing partner (P’s in a Pod) have sent further emails to businesses and visited many others. SOSBA and WTA have sent additional emailsand information direct to their members.
If you are a Coastal BID Business and have not yet signed up to this campaign (there is NO cost to you for this) please contact Alun Williams. The point of sale material is provided at no cost to you.
So far the rate card cost of the promotional work at Waterloo and in the national press is just over £76,000.
Forms (to outline your offer and register for the web pages) are available at the foot of this page on the Coastal BID website:
For further information: Alun Williams 01202 291200

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