Council “deeply disappointed” over changes to Nautilus cinema and restaurant complex plans

Council "deeply disappointed" over changes to Nautilus cinema and restaurant complex plans

"Deep disappointment" over changes to Nautilus cinema and restaurant complex plans                                        "Deep disappointment" over changes to Nautilus cinema and restaurant complex plans

THE controversial Nautilus development has hit yet another stumbling block following 11th-hour amendments to plans.

Just weeks before construction work is set to begin, a number of redesigns put forward by developer Trevor Osborne were rejected by Bournemouth Borough Council’s Planning Board last night.

Among the changes is a “shell” feature planned for the tower, which planners had hoped to replace with a series of floor levels tapering upwards to a coil similar to that shown in the original scheme.

Chairman of the planning board, Cllr David Kelsey, said the change would make it look like “someone has come along and trod on top of the building and squashed it”.

He added: “It makes the whole thing look bulkier.”

The amendments also featured the loss of a ground floor walkway, which was to have been replaced by a giant open staircase giving pedestrian access to the rooftop gardens.

The size of the development itself would have increased as the deepest level of parking was omitted, leading to more spaces for vehicles on the first floor.

Ward councillor David Smith said the changes offered a “diluted” development.

He added: “Here we are, right at the eleventh hour, and we are being presented with a fait accompli.

“It’s like you’re saying, ‘This is the best we can do under market conditions, so please accept it’.”

Cllr Beryl Baxter added: “When I see the proposal put before us I am deeply disappointed.

“It immediately makes me think, ‘Does he (Osborne) really believe in this himself?’”

Mr Osborne said he was “deeply concerned” to hear the criticism.

Councillors voted unanimously to reject the amendments, although the original plans have been given the green light.

Following the meeting, Mr Osborne said: “I shall withdraw the plans immediately and we’ll resubmit shortly.

“I hope that everyone will realise the scheme is very good for Bournemouth and something that really should happen.”

Where did the name Nautilus come from?

WHAT’S in a name? Known to Bournemouth residents as Nautilus, Mr Osborne has now given the development back its original name – Pavilion Gardens.

The original name comes from the Greek, and is the common name of a type of marine mollusc that can be found on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

It was suggested during the meeting that the renaming has taken place as the “shell” feature in the original plans was redesigned in the amended copy.

Bournemouth Echo

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