Council Leader John Beesley’s reply to BAHA about coach parking

Dear Andrew


I fully agree with the points made in your letter regarding the importance of good coach parking provision in Bournemouth.

The Council’s Director of Tourism, Mark Smith, has taken responsibility for resolving the current problems. I am pleased to be able to report that we have placed a mobile CCTV unit in the car park to reduce the risk of theft. This will remain until we are able to organise a permanent camera later in the year. I know that Mr. Smith has been in touch with the operators affected by the recent thefts and they are grateful that the Council has acted to improve the situation.

I believe that a secure coach parking area is the minimum reasonable service that we should provide in Bournemouth. However, with our aspirations to be a world class resort I am keen that the bar should be raised in the future to help retain and develop this valuable group business for the wider benefit of the local economy.

Thank you for taking the time to write and express your concerns.

Regards John 


Cllr John Beesley


Leader of the Council

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