Farewell to Bournemouth town centre flowerbeds

Farewell to Bournemouth town centre flowerbeds

BRICK flowerbeds are being removed in Bournemouth town centre in a bid to “de-clutter” the pedestrian precinct.

Improvement works costing £12,000 are being carried out by the council following requests from local businesses, property agents and ward councillors.

Town centre manager Roger Parker said: “We are currently undertaking improvement works in the town centre to de-clutter and open up access in the pedestrianised areas.

“These works include removing a number of brick-built flowerbeds and plinths. Following these works the pedestrianised areas will become more open and accessible for shoppers and visitors to the town and it should also assist our street cleaning teams in the work they do.

Flower beds are being removed at the bottom of Old Christchurch Road and at the entrance to the Arcade. A council workman involved in demolishing the large brick beds said it would take about a fortnight to complete the scheme.

Bournemouth Echo

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