For best hotel deals,book direct:guide says

For the best hotel deal, book it direct: Guide says British hoteliers pay  15% plus VAT for each online reservation

  • Study says reliance on third-party agents  is causing price inflation
  • Guests often unaware of commissions fees  inflation costs


Hotel guests are better off booking direct to  avoid expensive internet commission fees, according to a report.

The Good Hotel Guide 2014 says British  hoteliers have to pay 15 per cent plus VAT for each online booking, which pushes  their rates up much higher than  those of their European  competitors.

The study says that the hospitality  industry’s increasing reliance on third-party internet agents was a principle  cause of price inflation.

The Good Hotel Guide 2014 says British hoteliers have to pay 15 per cent plus VAT for each online bookingThe Good Hotel Guide 2014 says British hoteliers have to  pay 15 per cent plus VAT for each online booking


For small owner-managed hotels, the  sort in  which the guide specialises, commission fees inflated costs at  the expense of  guests who were unaware that they would usually get a  better deal by booking  directly.


The editors said the growing power of  third  party agents stems from internet search results being dominated by marketing  companies.


‘Some hotels are now providing incentives for  guests who book directly,’ it says.

‘Booking agents not only take commission  fees, but often also impose expensive conditions.

‘Promotional costs are rapidly increasing. 

‘They explain in part why the cost of staying  in hotels in the UK remains stubbornly high, much higher than in other European  countries.’

The report adds: ‘Many hotels claim that they  have to use booking agents to fill empty rooms – but few analyse whether they  really bring additional guests or merely cream off revenue.’

The guide listed 10 “best-of-the-year”  award-winning hotels, including an establishment run by travel writer Gill  Charlton - a B&B called Ennys, near Marazion in Cornwall.

The editors said: “Gill Charlton, who bought  the house in a down-trodden state, has lavished as much care on restoring the  building as has on looking after her guests. A seasoned traveller, she  understands what guests need and provides warm, generous hospitality.”

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