Letter to the Council about Coach Parking in Queen’s Road

24th January 2013,


Dear Councillor Beesley,


Further to discussions at BTMB and subsequently at BAHA regarding the recent thefts of diesel and vandalism of coaches, I have been asked to write to you to express the Associations concerns about the provision of permanent CCTV at the Queens Road Coach Park in Bournemouth. BAHA appreciate the quick actions of Cllr Chapman in getting a temporary camera installed but this must be made permanent.


As you are aware the Coaching business is a very important element of many Bournemouth Hotels yearly budget. Each coach arriving in the town can contribute approx £4500.00 to the hotel for accommodation and meals, then the extra spend within the hotel, together with retail spending and when the weather permits they also spend well with sea front services.


I understand from our members that a number of operators are reviewing their autumn 2013 and 2014 bookings and two of these companies bring at least 100 coaches a year. The coach operators are happy with the hotels they are using but are very concerned about the poor security provision for overnight coaches


With many South Coast destinations offering very good facilities for overnight coaches Bournemouth compares very poorly with no toilet, coach cleaning facilities or rest rooms being available at either of the two designated coach park areas. The town must upgrade the facilities for this sector.


I am confident that the positive PR that would be generated from modern safe facilities for coaches would more than outweigh the costs of installing permanent CCTV which is the minimum that the operators are asking our members for.


Yours Sincerely



Andrew Woodland

BAHA Chairman

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