LICENSING: The Home Office is already working on the next round of changes to alcohol licensing in England and Wales. The main proposals being consulted on include a review of the mandatory conditions on irresponsible promotions, free tap water on request, age verification, and small measures, such as 125 ml wine servings. Another proposal is to make alcohol-related health harm a licensing objective when deciding to introduce cumulative impact policies to restrict the density of licensed premises in an area. Deregulation appears with proposals to introduce a simpler regime for “ancillary sales,” most obviously to allow small hotels/ B&Bs to sell limited amounts of alcohol to residents, and with removal of the general ban on licensing Motorway Service Areas.  BHA have prepared a response; if you’d like to see it, please email and comment by Friday next, 1 February. The response can also be found on Go to Resources, Log in and look under Licensing in Resource categories.

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