Role of Researcher funded by recession funding

Dear Mr Clarke

Thank you for your email and I apologise for the delay in replying to you.


As you are aware, the  objectives of the post were for the  researcher to generate conference leads, make contact with those leads and pass on positive leads to sales teams to convert.  It was a short term initiative to fill  gaps in conference business, hence why it was funded by the Recession Fund.


The Council fully the supports the need for a stronger sales and marketing team for Bournemouth, but also agrees with the views of BTMB and the Conference and Convention Sector Group that the sales and marketing activities  currently being delivered need reviewing, so that it is  less fragmented and meets the changing trends in the market today in an increasingly competitive environment.


To this end I am aware that at the Conference and Convention meeting, last week, a Recession Fund bid was requested, to undertake a fully researched objective review of Bournemouth’s approach to Business/Convention Tourism.  The aim of the review  would be to identify the best options for a more holistic approach to promoting  Bournemouth as a Business/Convention offer.  This would include the most effective  management of sales activities and determining which  new and existing markets should be targeted to give the best yield.   The recession bid could be considered at the next Recession Board meeting planned for next week on 15th May and I am aware that Bournemouth Tourism is preparing this bid on the group’s behalf.


If this bid is successful then I am sure, through the Conference and Convention Group and its membership, that it will  bring together the Council  with other tourism partners, including BAHA, BIDs, Companies and BH Live Trust, to co-ordinate the delivery of agreed recommendations emerging from the review.



Regards,  John Beesley


Cllr John Beesley



Leader of the Council

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