Terrace Mount Hotel to be higher

Terrace Mount plans get 12 storeys higher


LANDMARK: Group wants more storeysLANDMARK: Group wants more storeys

REVISED plans for two new ‘landmark’ hotels in Bournemouth will come under scrutiny at next Monday’s council planning board meeting.

The founder of the Ted Baker clothing company is a major backer of the Terrace Mount scheme which will involve two Hilton hotels and apartments.

London-based THAT Group plans to build an ‘iconic’ four or five-star hotel, topped with a sky bar, and a two or three star hotel on the former car park site.

Approval for the major development was granted in October 2010 but revised plans are to come before planners, including proposals to increase the main tower to 12 storeys.

 THAT Group also wants to increase the number of hotel bedrooms by 19, provide an additional residential unit as well as 19 more basement parking spaces.

In a report to the planning board, principal planning officer Steve Davies says: “The main issue to be resolved now is whether a further increase in the height of the building, even marginally, compromises the original design. There must be a point when the overall height and impact outweighs the economic benefits.”

Bournemouth  Accommodation & Hotel Association has objected to the scheme, along with a local resident, but director of tourism Mark Smith has supported the application

Mr Davies is recommending that the planning board supports increasing the tower height, in principle, but a decision on the application should be deferred for further design negotiations

Bournemouth Echo

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